Green/Fresh scents.

Eager to refresh your surroundings? The green/fresh quadrant has your solution. This part of the scent circle stimulates and cares for the ultimate hygiene perception. Advisable for the summer and in areas where freshnes is needed.

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Top notes: dominant and volatile.

The green/fresh scent quadrant adjoins the aromatic woody scents on the one hand, and the fruity flowery scents on the other hand. Fresh fragrances are mainly composited with top notes. Their volatile distinction attributes to a quick distribution and dominant presence for a short period. Perfect for neutralizing persistent odors. Constant scent intensity is reassured through the right settings on your online scent system.

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<h2>Fresh scents for the ultimate hygiene perception</h2>

Fresh scents for the ultimate hygiene perception


Scent and perception: stimulation and hygiene.

Fresh frangrances consist of ingredients from plants, spices, grasses and fruits. In general they tend to stimulate body and mind. Moreover, scents in the green/fresh quadrant are mostly being appraised for their antibacterial effects. Industries that make use of green/fresh frangrances are mostly sanitary facilities, fitness en wellness.

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