Flowery scents

Scents beloning to the flowery quadrant are predominately feminine. Oftenly, they are composited of several kinds of flowers and sweet spices and mostly associated with temptation and passion.

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Flowery scent notes.

On the one hand the flowery scent quadrant edges the fruity scent family and on the other hand the soft oriëntal scent family. Scents in this particular scent quadrant may consist of top-, middle- and base notes, which depents on the composition of the fragrance. Flowery scents are being devided by three scent families: soft floral, floral and floral oriëntal.

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<span style="The parfume is the intelligence of the flowers."" class="visual">

"The parfume is the intelligence of the flowers."

- Henry de Montherland -

An ultimate flower experience

Flowery scents as Funny Valentine, Yasmin Secret and Maison tend to create the ultimate flowery scent experience for you and your visitors. Industries in which highly acknowlegde flowery scents: retail, recreation en hospitality.

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