Scent in healthcare.

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Why scent in healthcare?

Reasons to start spreading scents vary accross different healthcare institutions. In elderly hospice the main objective is to neutralize musty air in rooms and hallways. In psychiatric care centres aromas are being spread in order to optimize patients recovery process. At fysiotherapeutics the main goal of spreading scents is to create fresh, stimulating and sporty surroundings. Whatever the motivation might be, they have one common goal: optimizing healthcare environment for patients, visitors and personnel.

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<h2>Stimulate recovery by creating ultimate surroundings.</h2>

Stimulate recovery by creating ultimate surroundings.


The healing effect of spreading scents.

Implementation of professional scent systems in healthcare institutions has become more and more popular. Lately, a growing amount of scientific research supports the healing effect of different aromas. For example, the Van der Bilt University Medical Centre found that spreading specific fragrances significantly reduces work related stress to doctors and nurses. Other research suggested that scents can attribute to patients recovery. When patients were in charge of their surroundings, by the abbility to change music, climate and scents, they showed significantly higher levels of self-esteem and lower levels of aggressiveness.

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Stimulating and soothing fragrances

Different kinds of scents have different kinds of effects on body and mind. Frequently, stimulating fragrances are composited with citrus notes such as lemon and orange. Likewise, mint and eucalyptus tend to have a stimulating effect on body and mind. They are mainly implemented in gyms, fitness centres and physiotherapeutics.
Other frangrances seem to have more soothing effect on people. For example, aromas like lavender and vanille, which are offently used in hospitals, relaxing rooms and dentist waiting areas.

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De invloed van geur op herstel cliënten

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Indrukwekkende resultaten met geur in ziekenhuizen.

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Spreading smiles in healthcare.

Sense Company is the numper one distributor of scents and scent system to healthcare institutions through whole Europe. Mainly, we supply our products to elderly care centres, child welfare institutions in the Benelux, and have the ambition to expand our distribution area accross the boarders.

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