Oriëntal scents

From oriëntal flowers to amber and incense. In the oriëntal quadrant we find the classic, anciënt fragrances. This part of the scent circle will carry you away to distant lands in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

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Oriëntal scent notes.

Oriëntal fragrances are devided in three subcategories. Flowery oriëntal scents are warm with a hint of flower, through a sweet and powdery base. Soft oriëntal scents consist of aromatic- and consumable ingrediënts, such as vanilla, caramel and honey. Lastly, woody oriëntal scents have strong wooden base notes as they mostly contain sandelwood and cedar.

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<h2>Create an authentic athmosphere with oriëntal fragrances.</h2>

Create an authentic athmosphere with oriëntal fragrances.


Scent perception: desire and passion.

Oriëntal fragrances breath history. Scents in this part of the scent circle come from the far East. From the souks to the mountains of Jemen. Natural resources such as opoponax, incense and patchiouli create a deep desire to an anciënt world.

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