Scent in gym and fitness.

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Why scents in gym and fitness?

In general, athletes care for their health, image and hygiene. Fresh, stimulating scents are a great way to meet vitistors expectations in gym centres and fitness clubs. With our fragrances the greatest gyms create the perfect athmosphere for clean and healthy surroundings. Moreover, its the best solution to bad odors in changing rooms and cardio areas.

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Meeting athletes expectations of stimulating surroundings.

Meeting athletes expectations of stimulating surroundings.


Scent application in fitness.

Wheather your goal is to spread recognizable scents at the entrance, sporty scents at cardio or eucalyptus in wellness area. Implementing scents in gyms and fitness centres attributes to a unique and distinctive business concept. Try out our online scent systems and put a smile on your visitors faces!

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We connect online scent systems to your ventilation system

Stimulating scents for the perfect athmosphere.

Generally, we advise gyms, fitness clubs and physiotherapist to spread stimulating and activating scents in cardio and fitness. Hints of eucalyptus, citrus and mint are great ingredients in order to create a stimulating environment. Our scents 'Breathing', 'Peppermint' and 'Easy Breeze' are very suitable for such areas. Click on the button below for more information about these sporty scents!

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Spreaders of unexpected smiles in gyms and fitness centres.

Since 2009 Sense Company provides scents and scent systems to gyms and fitness centres all over the world. We builded long standing relationships with brands such as Health City, David Lloyd and Club Pellikaan to enhance hospitality and hygiene for both visitors and employees.

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