Scent in hotels.

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Why scenting hotels?

Client experience is one of the most important indicators for a happy hotel visit. Attention is oftenly given to elements of appearance. Music, decoration and lightning are carefully matched, but the smell of different areas is frequently forgotten. A lost opportunity. Spreading complementary scents reinforces the hotel brand and enhances clients hotel evaluations.

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<h2>Creating the perfect atmosphere with complementary fragrances.</span><h2>

Creating the perfect atmosphere with complementary fragrances.


Scent opportunities in hotels.

The function of scent spreading in hotels is twofolded: problem solving and value adding. On the one hand scents neutralize bad odors arizing in sanitary, wellness area or hallway. On the other hand scents can contribute to perfectly balanced hotel surroundings. Think about scenting hotel entrances, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, wellness and hotel bedrooms. We also provide multiple scent systems with which multiple scents can be spread in one particular area.

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Take control over client perception with fine fragrances.

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Spreaders of 'unexpected smiles' in hotels.

During long time we supply a variety of hotel chains with scents and scent systems. For example, we have long term service agreements with Crown Plaza, Carlton Beach, Amrath hotel. But not only in the Netherlands. Our plug and play scent packages allow our abroad customers to install their scent systems very easily.

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