Scent in recreation.

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Why scenting in recreation?

Holiday resorts and theme parcs put a lot of effort in guest experience optimazation. The balanced allignment of image-, light- and sound effects enhances total experience of the guests visit. Application of scents in suchs parcs and resorts can make a huge contribution to the visitors perception and experience.

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Exclusive scents for ultimate guest experience.

Exclusive scents for ultimate guest experience.


Thematizing or neutralizing

Whether your goal is to enhance guest experience in thematised rooms or suppress bad odors in sanitary: Sense Company delivers professional scent systems for any given area.

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A perfect scent for every theme

Because we compile our own scents, the posibilities are infinite. We're confident that we can deliver a suitable scent for any given area. Imagine the scent of the ocean in waterparcs, the scent of fresh rainforrest in a jungle theme parc. Omdat wij onze eigen geuren samenstellen zijn de mogelijkheden oneindig. Wij zijn ervan overtuigd dat we voor iedere ruimte een geschikte geur kunnen leveren. Denk daarbij oceaan geuren in een waterpark, oriëntaalse geuren op een markt of gras en regenwoud geuren in een junglepark.

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Scenting theme parcs and leisure centres all over the globe.

Since 2009 Sense Company is 'spreader of unexpected smiles' in a veriety of industries. Leisure centres, theme parcs and casino's for example. We supply scent and professional scent systems to Landal Greenparcs, Centre Parcs, Holland Casino, Movieparc Germany and many others.

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