Scent in sanitation.

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Why scent in sanitation?

Bad odors in sanitation is a long-standing problem in a veriety of industries. A visit to the toilet may bring along bad smells and could cause unpleasant toilet visits for following visitors. Obnoxious but not entirely prohibitive. Adding scents in sanitary facilities is no frivolous luxery, it's an absolute necessity! With a Sense Company scent system bad odor is not longer your concern!

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<h2>A constant scent level through innovative atomisation technology.</h2>

A constant scent level through innovative atomisation technology.


Wet sprays vs atomisation.

More than once, we notice that companies still put their trust in wet spray air fresheners. These aire fresheners present tangy scents for a very short notice and then fall away completely. Not preferable in the presence of persistent odors. Our scent systems garantee a constant level of scent through dry atomisation technology. Scent oil nearly dissolves during the atomisation proces which ensures a reliable, longstanding scent effect through your area. Moreover, installing the scent system out of sight makes the system hufterproof which is another advantage compared to wet spray air fresheners.

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Our scent advise for sanitary facilities

Fresh scents for the ultimate hygiene perception.

Fizzy lemon is an excelent choice in order to fight bad odor. The mix of a veriëty of citrus fruits is easy going and light with a sharp top note. This fragrance influences hygiene perception and is extremely suitable for areas in which freshness and is desirable. Searching for a more subtile and friendly scent? Then Lime Tree, with its less sharp top notes and hints of wood, would be the better option.

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Spreaders of unexpected smiles in sanitary facilities.

For quite some time Sense Company have been working in this particular area. In Europe, we work together with leading cleaning companies in order to optimize guest experience for toilet visitors in many different industries. As such, we supply online scent systems to gas stations (Total, Texaco, Esso), airports (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Zaventum) and great business offices (SBS, ABN, Elsevier).

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