Scent in wellness.

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Wy scent in wellness?

People go to wellness resorts to relax both physically and mantally. Choosing the right fragrances for every area contributes to the perfect athmospere and wellness experience. With scents such as eucalyptus, lavender or pine in different sauna's you create ultimate condition for a happy wellness visit! Our online scent systems spreading scents automatically only within opening hours.

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<h2>Save up to 30% on steam bath costs!</h2>

Save up to 30% on steam bath costs!


How to reduce steam room usage costs?

We still notice that many wellness centres use steambath milk in their steam rooms in order to add pleasant scents. An absolute waste of money! With a Sense Company scent system usage costs will be reduced up to 30%, and refill of scent cartridges is needed only once in three months.

Spreading the scent of lavender for stress release

Our scent experts are happy to help you making the right scent choice for your wellness. Generally, we advise fresh and woody scents in saunas and steam rooms. However, certain flowery and oriëntal frangrances are very suitable for some wellness areas as well. Next to the standard scents such as eucalyptus and pepermint, think about rosemary in infrared sauna hammam in ruusu.

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Geurbeleving bij Horeca Thermen Bussloo

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Geur in de sauna & wellness; de pioniers van geurbeleving

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Spreaders of unexpected smiles in wellness

Since 2009 we spread unexpected smiles in sauna and wellness. Sense Company is the number one supplier of scent en scent systems in wellness resorts all over the world. We maintain long-lasting service contracts with the most exclusive wellness resorts, such as Thermen Bussloo (The Netherlands), Nordik Spa (Canada) and many others.

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