Scent circle

People find it easier to visualize things than to imagine scents. We have developed a handy tool to help understanding scents; the scent circle. Every possible scent, even so from our assortment, can be categorized into this circle. We have combined this with a visualisation of their technical structure. All scents are built from base, middle and top scent notes.
The scent circle gives us insights into their strengths, it's origin and purposes.

The circle is split up in 4 pieces: flowery, oriental, woody and greenish/fresh. Every section is then split up again in scent families.

Scent circle


Perfume and quality

People have preferences in case of what music or color they like. You can't dispute that, but you can about it's quality. It is possible that you don't like a symphony of Mozart, but we know it is good. It is the same with fragrances. We make sure in the first place, our fragrances are top quality without any dispute. We have collaborations with top perfumers and designers and we simply do not compromise on quality.

Safety first
All our fragrances come with safety documents like a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and an IFRA statement. In both documents it is explained that our fragrances are approved for it's use.

Natural and natural-identical scents
Our scents can ve both naturla and natural-identical. Natural means that they are being processed from nature by extraction methods. Natural-identical means that the fragrances are being created by machines. That has one big advantage, we know 100% sure what ingredients these fragrances have.



The flowery quadrant. We could say this feels like the feminine side of the scent circle. Notice the use of color, name of families and it's ingredients indicate both seduction and passion.

The quadrant is split in three families:
o flower
o soft flower
o oriental flower

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You will find old and classic fragrances which take you to the Middle East and Africa.

This quadrant is also split up in three families:
o soft oriental
o oriental
o woody oriental

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The dark side of the scent circle. It feels a bit more heavy and a full of character so we see this as the masculine section. That is why these scents are mostly used in men perfumes.

The quadrant has 4 families:
o aromatic
o dry wood
o moss woody
o woody

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You would like to freshen things up? This quadrant is where you'll need to be. This is all about freshness and activation.

Four families:
o fruity
o greenish
o watery
o citrus

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